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Don't Be Fooled This April...


Don't become April's Fool by paying retail prices for your window coverings. Many times retail mark-ups are the second or even third mark-up put on a window covering's price. The manufacturer sells to a distributor. The distributor, in turn sells through a decorator or retail store. The customer
(you) ends up paying hundreds of extra dollars. The retailer is also so far removed from the manufacturer that quality is rarely a consideration.

Shopping directly from the manufacture is the only was to ensure you are getting the highest American Made hand crafted quality for the best possible factory direct pricing.

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Jeremy Coffey

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Factory Drapes has recently gone green. We have added to our numerouse colors and selection of fabrics a new "Organic Cotton" fabric. For our first try at a Organic Fabric, it seems to be having rave reviews.

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Keep A Look OUT!
Check-out our new of beautiful organic Fabric. Organic fabrics are the trend this season and we will have them at factory direct prices. Stay tuned to your Factory Direct Resource for more information.


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