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Add Some Color and Brighten Those Grey Skies


Now that the April showers are here, a little decor can brighten up your day. By adding a valance to your window, you will be adding a whole new dimension to the over-all look of a room. It can be done with drapes, or without. That is what makes valances so cool. There are many different styles and sizes of valances. The scarf shown above is only one way of setting up a valance. For more styles, go to our web-site at:

Valances can often provide the final touch to the décor of any room by giving each window a finished custom look. Adding an instant flair to any room is as easy as choosing the correct style for your rooms. There are a myriad of choices these days to match the design of any home.

With so many styles using a tool such as the “Virtual Room Designer” online at Factory Direct Drapes (http://www.factorydirectdrapes.com) will help you accurately visualize how finished window treatments will look in your home. You can recreate your current walls, floors, and furniture. Then mix and match drapes and curtains or valance styles and colors to your surroundings.

Valances can be manufactured in fabrics that match the pattern of your window treatments or in another complementary color. Often, matching the anchor color in your home design brings that color forward harmonizing the general appearance of the room. If you have strong overlapping colors or patterns, a flat or soft pattern in a neutral color can stabilize the pallet allowing your signature patterns to shine. Either option will leave your windows with a sleek finished form.

Changing your valances is a cost effective and easy way to update or alter the décor of a room. Alternating valances with the seasons can offer a fresh face to your interior design without expensive redecorating. For example, buy multiples of the same valance in different colors or patterns. These will easily slip on and off of your existing hardware allowing you to change the way your windows are framed each season, holiday, or for special occasions.

Jeremy Coffey

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