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Eco-Friendly Drape Fabrics


There are several important reasons why eco-friendly drapes continue to substantially grow in popularity.
Environmentally green, eco-friendly construction, and the use of natural drapes are on the rise. Consumers are vitally interested in supporting products that are healthy. Many are concerned about finding products to protect the increasingly fragile environment and planet.

But, you don’t necessarily have to be an environmentalist to appreciate eco-friendly drapes. For example, there are consumers who want organic fabrics because they are sensitive to chemicals often found in dyes. Also, natural fabrics are much healthier for those suffering from allergies. People with respiratory issues, like asthma, benefit from organic fabric drapes too. There is significant research indicating those with vulnerable developing tissue such as pregnant women and babies should minimize exposure to vocs out gassing, toxins, and chemicals.

Some of you with infants or small children may simply “ feel more comfortable” with natural un-dyed and non-chemically treated, 100% organic, pure cotton drapes in their bedrooms or family rooms. It makes a lot of sense when you think about it doesn’t it ?

The use of Eco-friendly fabrics helps:

• Eliminate contamination in soil, air, and water supply
• Supports a system of sustainable agriculture
• Reduces the incidence of chemical sensitivity, allergies, asthma, rashes, and other health issues for both farmers and consumers alike

Factory Direct Drapes remains committed to producing products that will not harm the environment while giving our customers beautiful green window covering options.

Jeremy Coffey

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