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Factory Drapes Decorating Tips


1. With patterns and color becoming a more important interior design element. Keep the more expensive Items, such as widow treatments and furniture, more in the neutral tones. Add color, texture and patterns with pillows, throws, and cost effective area rugs.

2. Organic materials play an important roll in design. Try this cost effective flower arrangement:
1. Fill glass vase ½ full with river rocks
2.Cover the river rock with a small amount of green moss
3.Stick in some interesting, dried tree branches.

What an eye-catching focal point for any room!

3. Luxurious fabrics such as: silks, velvets, leather, and suede do not have to be expensive to achieve a designer look. There are brilliant synthetics out in the retail stores at Factory Drapes that can fool even the trained eye.

4. To create a Zen-like feel for any room. Decorate with bamboo. It can be a very versatile tool from curtains rods to flower arrangements. And bamboo is known for its environmental friendly quality.

5. One of today’s hot trends is to add tall stationary drapery panels that puddle on the floor. This adds class and elegance and makes a beautiful focal point. Just add 10” to the height of the drape to create this look.

6. Try larger and fewer accessories to obtain a less cluttered more Zen-like feel to your room.

7. Do you have unwanted child ‘art work’ on your walls? Try using a small amount of toothpaste, a damp rag and a bit of elbow grease and they should come clean.

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