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Fantastic New Eco-Friendly Decorative Rods!


We are excited to announce the recent unveiling of our new line of Eco-Friendly Decorative Rods. Every drapery rod is hand crafted and forged, giving it uniqueness and character that is rare in today’s mass market world.

All rods are made for an earth friendly home. Rods are finished in low V.O.C. water based paints. They are made from recycled metal and the use of plastics and resins has been eliminated. In addition, we’ve eliminated the use of plastics in our packaging, instead using paper and cardboard high in post consumer recycled content.

The new rods come in three styles in both brushed nickel and matte black, our most popular finishes. First, the Ribbed Square Cap, which offers a classic elegance. Next, the Rod Ball Cap provides a traditional, subtle look. Finally, we have the Round Flame finial, great for a modern and sophisticated décor. We are also offering matching holdbacks and high quality ring clips to match. These Rods come in three different sizes: 22”-40”, 40” – 76”, and 76” – 148”. If you need more information, give us a call or send an email.

Jeremy Coffey

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Holiday Planning

We Are Planting Trees

With the help of The National Arbor Day Foundation, we support Green initiatives by planting a tree in American National Forests for every eco-friendly product ordered.

- Benefits of Planting Trees
- Moderate the climate
- Improve air quality
- Conserve water
- Harboring wildlife
- Improve the quality of life

Fabrics of the Month
Eco-Friendly Drapery Fabrics

Organic Cotton: 100% Organic Cotton is a biodegradable and renewable resource. These drapes are warm, comforting, and one of the longest lasting drape fabrics you can buy!

Bamboo: Bamboo fabric is a natural textile woven from the pulp fiber of bamboo grass.

Hemp: Hemp is a natural fiber product from plants. The use of Hemp is nothing new! The cultivation of hemp has occurred for thousands of years.

Recycled: Recycled cotton is recovered cotton that would be wasted during the spinning, weaving, and cutting processes.


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