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Advantages of Custom Drapery & Curtains


Often we are asked why a person should choose a quality custom drapery over those offered at large discount retailers?

The following are just a few reasons to choose an American Made quality custom drapery over store bought:

The lining can make the difference. The numerous factors that make custom window treatments an exceptional value cannot always simply be seen with the eye. Custom draperies are typically lined increasing the insulation factor and making them more durable and substantially longer-lasting up to 15-20 years. Some store bought drapes do come with lining, but most are lined with an extremely thin imported fabric and will not insulate as well or last as long.

Custom draperies are made to your specific size and requirements. Store bought window treatments are designed for the masses and it is often difficult to find the exact style, color and size needed forcing you to settle with something that doesn’t necessarily match your specific needs. We offer over 20 different classic and modern styles in over a hundred fabrics giving you never-ending options and you also have the benefit of receiving free fabric samples so you can assure that the color of the fabric is a perfect match.

Custom draperies are an intelligent investment. The average person keeps their custom drapery more than 7 years; whereas store bought one’s typically need to be replaced every two years. In actuality our custom, lined drapes will last a lifetime and we stand by that fact with a “Lifetime Warranty” that guarantees your drape will be free from defects due to faulty workmanship or materials forever.

The most important reason custom drapery and curtains are better than store bought one’s is simply the value. Purchasing directly from our factory allows you to cut out the middle-man for enormous savings off retail. You will save hundreds of dollars off retail custom drapes. In addition, we have a 10 day turnaround on all orders meaning you won’t have to wait the 8 to 10 weeks it takes other companies.

Our family and numerous long time employees take great pride in furnishing our customers with outstanding well made products. When it comes to quality and value, we truly believe you cannot find any better drapes than the ones we literally “hand craft” here in America.

Jeremy Coffey

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