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New Fabrics for Winter


Kiefer Brick - Great 3 dimensional burgundy fabric; Alternating wide and narrow velour vertical
lines; Would look fantastic in a family room, or home theater

Cadillac Gold - Magnificent classic fabric; Rich shimmering gold material; Additional blackout
and insulating layer in fabric; Room darkening

Winsor Crimson - Deep burgundy fabric; Decorative diamond pattern background design;
Rich and custom appearance

Petal Olive - Beautiful green small leaf pattern; Luxurious and decorative fabric

Cleaning and Caring for Your Draperies!

Cleaning drapes correctly will add life. Neglecting them will only cost you more money in the end. Here are a few tips we would recommend. Inspect the back fabric; you are looking at the back of your drapes for sun rot. This deterioration of the fabric is caused by intense and frequent sun exposure and extreme heat. Natural fibers, like silk, tend to fade and sun rot quicker than man-made fabrics. Dust frequently with a vacuum attachment on the lowest setting to remove topical dirt and bacteria. Here are the different fabric contents and their processes for cleaning.

Cotton/Rayon draperies combination fabrics should always be dry-cleaned and never washed. The primary drawback of cotton is that it sometimes has a tendency to shrink when cleaned.

Cotton/Polyester draperies tend to be the most durable of all of the blends. This fabric cleans very well and resists shrinking. Dry cleaning is recommended when cleaning poly/cotton blend fabrics.

Self-lined draperies provide excellent insulation, privacy, and durability at a relatively modest price. Be sure to start by only purchasing self-lined draperies with cotton suede backings because of their superior durability. These draperies do require some special attention when dry cleaned. However, they certainly have been cleaned successfully by dry cleaners for many years. Talk to your cleaner to find out what care they take in cleaning draperies with self-lined backing.

Inherently Fire Proof/Flame Retardant draperies are made so that the fiber itself will not sustain or continue to flame. These fabrics should be constructed with a mod-acrylic material built into the fibers. The fire retardant feature will not change, stop working or wash out because of dry cleaning.

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