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When our company decided to manufacture it’s own custom drapes in 1952 we never envisioned the long road we would travel in order to continue to manufacture our high quality goods here in the United States. The prolific importation of inferior and cheaply made low cost imports from countries that victimize workers has made all industries that require craftsmanship and highly skilled trade people to craft the highest quality products almost impossible to fight. It is only through diligent efforts in providing excellence in both quality and service that we have been able to continue. Our unique and beautiful window coverings speak for themselves.

Here at Factory Drapes, we are incredibly proud to say we have manufactured our goods right here in the good old USA since our inception. Our amazing family of workers has been together for decades. Most of our seamstresses have been with us for 10-40 years. It is that longevity that a carefully crafted balance of teamwork and quality that have made our company one of the few left that produce 100% of our draperies in our own factory.

We thank each and every one of our customers for supporting our company and continuing the traditions of proudly purchasing “100% American Made” products and therefore keeping Americans working. We salute you!

Jeremy Coffey

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New Year Disocount

We Are Planting Trees

With the help of The National Arbor Day Foundation, we support Green initiatives by planting a tree in American National Forests for every eco-friendly product ordered.

- Benefits of Planting Trees
- Moderate the climate
- Improve air quality
- Conserve water
- Harboring wildlife
- Improve the quality of life

Fabrics of the Month
New Designer Fabrics
Textura Atlantic:
This is one of our numerous designer fabrics that we are carrying this winter. It comes in 3 different shades with the same consistent texture. This fabric will add a lot more movement to the room while still keeping that contemporary look.


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