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Factory Direct Drapes Summer Styles


The newest hot contemporary summer styles have been added to our custom drape selection. Tab tops, Tie tops, Grommet tops, Clip Tops, Ruffle Top Curtains, Rod Pocket Top Curtains and Puddle Drop drapes have all been added to the fabulous lines of drapes in the popular fabrics on the market. Why decorate one room when you can furnish your entire home with upgraded draperies. You simply won’t find a better deal or product anywhere else. Buying directly from the largest manufacturer in the western states with no retail mark-ups saves hundreds of dollars.

Visit our online stores today and start saving on all your drapery needs. We have two sites to choose from, both featuring only the highest quality for the best price. Do you have a standard size window? Go to www.factorybargaindrapes.com and view all of our in-stock drapes, sheers, and rods. Need something a little more custom for your home? Visit www.factorydirectdrapes.com for all your custom drape needs, decorator rods, and valances.

Jeremy Coffey

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Oragnic Cotton Lining
After all the suggestions for it, we are going to accommodate your request. Factory Direct Drapes is finally going to adding an Organic Cotton Lining to the site. This lining is 100% Organic with a natural color. The lining is going to work great with our Organic Cotton Natural and Organic Cotton Waffle White fabrics.

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Keep A Look OUT!
Shagadelic is a great Pink and Brown modern contemporary pattern. It is one of our signature fabrics and a great addition to our new line. The Pink and Brown color will add style, and by a stand out piece in any room. If you are looking for change, look no further. This fabric is excellent conversation starter. Dry Clean Only.


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