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A Cleaner Way To Look At Spring


Cleaning Custom Draperies

It is almost officially Spring and you know what that means, Spring Cleaning. Don’t neglect your drapery when it comes to this yearly ritual. Here’s some advice on how to clean your custom draperies.

In general, it is advisable to clean your draperies as seldom as possible. When it becomes necessary to clean them, however, professional dry cleaning is the preferred method. But, even with dry cleaning, you will want to find a cleaner that has some specialization and experience in cleaning drapes. In other words, find out if your dry cleaner actually performs the work themselves or outsources it to a third party.

Questions for Dry Cleaners
1. Begin by first finding a dry cleaner that has direct experience with drapes; i.e. does not outsource the work. Look through phone books or the internet to find a cleaner who advertises specializing in cleaning drapes. Ask for references, check with the Better Business Bureau, or call your local Chamber of Commerce.

2. Ask the cleaner the exact temperature (if cleaned using heat) your drapes will be subject to during cleaning. Remember, any heat treatment should be less than 130 degrees.

3. Show the cleaner your drape to determine whether they will have any problem treating your particular fabric.

Home Remedies
Regular maintenance cleaning of your drapes is a good idea. While using a brush attachment on your vacuum, run it “lightly” up and down the folds of the drape to remove dust and particles. You can also “spot clean” most drapes with a damp soft cloth that has been wrung out. Do not use soap or detergent as is may leave staining around the spot. Use distilled water.

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New Organic Fabrics
Factory Drapes is getting greener. As you know we currently are carrying 2 different Organic fabrics. We have the “Organic Cotton Natural” and the “Organic Cotton Waffle White.” Now we are going to add the newest of Organic Fabrics, “Bamboo”. “The new Bamboo fiber fabric is going to add a new look, feel, and dimension to our ever expanding line of green products."
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