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Spring Brings to Mind Many Things


Spring showers giving way to spring flowers, sunshine returning to brighten the skies and spring cleaning. Yes I said it. The dreaded spring cleaning that leads us to look at the tired decor we have been living with for years.

As the first trees bloom and bud so does the idea to freshen your décor. New curtains, drapes and hardware from Factory Bargain Drapes and Factory Direct Drapes are your low cost option for providing a beautiful updated solution to dated window coverings.

Check out the new spring line of hot colors and rich textures available right now. Factory Drapes now offers the largest selection of fabrics and styles anywhere. Check out our environmentally conscious line of eco-friendly fabrics. We also offer an eco-friendly hardware line that complements all designs.

Jeremy Coffey

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Hemp Sage:
Hemp is a natural fiber product from plants. The use of Hemp is nothing new! The cultivation of hemp has occurred for thousands of years. It was used to manufacture rope, canvas, paper, and clothing.


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