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Happy Valentines Day Drape lovers


Valentine’s Day makes us day dream about warm cuddly nights, with someone special in a beautiful setting. Why not spruce up your personal setting with drapes, valances and hardware from factory bargain drapes and factory direct drapes and make every day Valentine’s Day? Changing the drapes in your bedroom might just strike the perfect set for a romantic evening or just a more relaxing space to pamper yourself.

You will get a “sweetheart” of a deal on your window coverings this month as we launch new fabrics and gear up for spring cleaning.

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Jeremy Coffey

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What's New for 2007

Factory Bargain Drapes is getting full over haul. We are redesigning the site at this moment. Factory Bargain Drapes is going to be adding all kinds of new fabrics, colors, to all of our stock size drapes. There is going to video to help with decorating tips and instructional video. We are adding online chatting for those who prefer to chat. We are hoping to have it up and producing at the end of the month. Keep checking back to see when it goes live. We would also like your opinions of what you think of our new site.
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Keep A Look OUT!
Check-out our new line of beautiful designer fabrics. Rich stylish Plush Light Gold are the trend this season and we will have them all at factory direct prices. Stay tuned to your Factory Direct Resource for more information.


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