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Coming, New Winter Season Fabrics


Insulated Drapes This Winter
Everybody understands the importance of a designer window drapery. Draperies do serve a purpose. They give you privacy. They can eliminate a light issue. They can even serve as insulation against the elements of the weather but what about the lining? Ignored and often misunderstood, the lining is often forgotten. Whether privacy or light is the purpose for the designer drapes make sure your draperies have standard or even blackout lining. Up to 50% of all conventional heat loss in a room can be saved through the use of a nice heavy, lined pair of draperies.

The addition of a cloth lining to the back of the fabric creates many distinctive advantages over unlined draperies. Lined draperies have superior insulation value against winter cold and summer heat. They can thereby help reduce your utility costs which is a good thing wherever you live. They also dampen or reduce sound from outside sources and offer you complete privacy and comfort. Because the lining protects the face cloth from damaging sun rot, lined draperies can last 10 to 15 years longer than unlined. Lined draperies greatly reduce the light pouring into your rooms. If you want to darken the room, just add a “blackout” lining to your drapery. Blackout lining is a thermal foam-type lining that will keep out hot damaging sun and keep in heat on a cold winter’s night. In addition, draperies hang best with lots of body and shape when they are lined.

We challenge you to find a lower price on the internet that has our exceptional quality and lining options. We can also promise our production rate is the fastest in the industry. Draperies and valances can be shipped out in a few weeks! Get wholesale custom lined draperies direct from the factory for the lowest price, best quality, and fastest production around online.

Jeremy Coffey

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Coming Soon, Factory Direct Drapes “New Look”
We are updating our web-site. The new look of the web-site is going to make it more user friendly easier to navigate. We are going to be changing the colors and layout making it more efficient. We will also be adding a few new things. First, we are going to add video instructions. This will help with measuring and answer some other questions. Secondly, we are adding a live chat button. This is used for instant answers directly from support. Keep a look out and let us know what you think.

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Keep A Look OUT!
Bella Scarlet is a great mixture of Red with Gold flowers and part of our new winter line. The Scarlet color adds a bold statement to any room. This fabric is excellent as a conversation starter and a great way to accentuate a room. This fabric will add beauty and sophistication to any area in your home. This Poly/Rayon blend fabric is exceedingly durable. Dry Clean Only.

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