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Drapes are a great way to decorate your Home Theater. Drapes offer complete privacy, insulation, and comfort for your home. Most of all, drapes are long lasting and easy to maintain and clean. It is very beneficial to have drapes for your home theaters especially the blackout drapes which help insulate against the heat and cold along with reducing utility costs. Majority of the blackout drapes are made from the fire-retardant material. Drapes are really effective in eliminating the incoming light for your movie viewing pleasure. Drapes help in darkening the room which makes a theater like environment while watching a movie. Drapes also significantly reduce and dampen the outside sound so you can concentrate on your entertainment. Drapes offer complete privacy as well as comfort. Most importantly, drapes will make your room look elegant and beautiful. Drapes create the atmosphere and same environment you experience in a “real theater”. Both your guests and you will love this experience.

Jeremy Coffey

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Super Vel Wine is a great Home Theater fabric and also comes in a Burgundy and Black. It is one of our signature fabrics and a great addition to our new line. The new colors will add style and an entertainment environment. If you are looking to dress up your Home Theater look no further. This fabric is also fire retardant.


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