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Get your custom insulated lined drapes before the temperature drops this winter. The insulation lining will keep the heat in and the cold out. This lining is also great for the darkening of rooms and the longevity of the drape.

Pacific Gas & Electric states that approximately 16% of all heat in a room escapes through windows. Keeping your drapes or curtains closed during the day also keeps out unwanted heat and sunlight that can fade carpeting and furniture. Opening drapes or curtains on cold days lets extra solar heat into the room and then by closing them at night you can retain warmth. If you want your drapes/curtains to accomplish both style and efficiency, use a thicker fabric and insulate the drapes with lining. In addition, lined drapes will reduce and suppress outside noise. They also last 10-15 years longer than unlined drapes!

Lined drapes or curtains offer more than just thermal efficiency. Lined drapes or curtains hang better for graceful full folds. Pleats and folds hang better with the added weight an insulated lining gives them. The luxurious effect on pleating cannot be matched without lining regardless of the drapery fabric used.A Drape or curtain style can be dramatically adjusted to fit your rooms needs. For exciting information on energy saving drapes check out sites like (www.factorydirectdrapes.com) and use the free “Virtual Room Designer” to try different stunning drape and valance styles. It allows you to match the wall, flooring, and furniture colors in your home to drape fabrics so you can see exactly how it would look before you purchase it.

Often, the cost of lined drapes and curtains compared to unlined drapes and curtains is minimal if you consider the savings you will receive with utilities expense reduction. Buying direct from the factory or manufacturer will also save you the costly 50-80% mark-up many retail stores and decorators add onto the product cost.

For more information on insulated draperies or to use this free design tool go to www.factorydirectdrapes.com

Bridgette Bodine
Vice President Operations
Factory Direct Drapes.com

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